“Defying The 6th” – new movie raises questions on suicide

defying the 6th movie on suicide

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“Defying the 6th” will become the first film in Cameroon to raise awareness on the causes and consequences of suicide; laying so much emphasis on the top four reasons why people take their own lives: death of loved ones, cyber bullying,  rape/ sexual abuse and personality disorder.

The highly anticipated movie, produced by Claudio Oben and directed by Neba Lawrence uncovers the leading causes of deaths by suicide in recent times. According to the Cameroonian US-based movie maker, suicide now stands the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24 and 25-35.

“People who talk about suicide, threaten suicide or call suicide crisis lines are 30 times more likely than average to kill themselves. So we have to take suicide threats seriously,” says Oben.

Out of ten major causes of suicide: Mental Illness, Traumatic Experience, Bullying, Personality disorder, Drug Addiction/Substance Abuse, Eating Disorder, Unemployment, Social Isolation/Loneliness, Relationship problems and Genetics/Family History; “Defying the 6th” movie centers and expatiates on FOUR of these causes using events and experiences that are easily relatable with the average person.

defying the 6th movie on suicide

‘Defying The 6th’ movie fights suicide among young people

The death of loved ones, cyber bullying,  rape/ sexual abuse and personality disorder are what the five lead characters: Khalid Mork, Olivia Tabot, Cynthia Esong, Camille Nayara and Patrick Dingane will be dealing with individually in the film and how it resorted to them ending their lives after several unsuccessful attempts.

“Social media has become a common medium for red flags that are often times ignored or dismissed… Remember, the messages are always in the hashtags!,” Claudio Oben explains.

“After the production of this film, a portion of our profits will go to an organization that is geared at helping individuals suffering with suicidal idealizations, to help them find their way back and hopefully save a life,” Oben tells us more.

“Defying the 6th” movie is an attempt to shed light on the things we ignore that could just be what will save a life. The movie is produced by Zeallmatic Pictures.

Watch first official teaser below:


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