“Cameroonian actors are not bankable” – Ivan Namme gets candid

ivan namme and cameroon film

Cameroonian actor and film maker, Ivan Namme says the reason why filmmakers turn to cast foreign actors is because Cameroonian actors are not very bankable. Oops!

Ivan Namme says Cameroonian film producers have to make profit from films and using local actors’ faces on movie covers or as leads doesn’t seem too profitable.

The very popular and respected film maker shared his candid opinion in an exclusive interview with international journalist, Eyong Blaise Okie claiming producers can’t collect huge loans from banks to produce films with solely Cameroonian actors. Instead, it is better to cross over to neighboring Nigeria or Ghana and get actors aka “Bankable faces” who can help sell those films.

Namme adds that unlike Cameroon, Nigerians love to see their actors faces, which motivates them to consume their own products.  Hence, their film producers stand a better chance at making money out of film than Cameroonian producers.

Namme only joins a large crowd of other creative minds in the country who hold the same view. Now, the questions are: Who is to make Cameroonians to consume and fall in love with their own products and how long will it take for Cameroonian actors to get “bankable”?


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  1. Ebangha

    August 2, 2017 at 6:30 am

    He is so right.our government is to be blamed they haven’t shown interest in the entertainment industry neither have they encouraged the population to appreciate their own.imagine even national TV airing foreign contents.why can’t our government pass a law to media houses to air at least 75%Cameroon content???and also a mandatory law to companies to use Cameroonians for adverts rather than bringing in adverts with foreign faces and voices.Our government needs to stand up for this people and probably give them grants too rather than sharing Prado jeeps to thieves

  2. Ashu Egbe

    August 2, 2017 at 7:21 am

    This is interesting, coming from Ivan Namme, who to the best of my knowledge has been using mmostly Cameroonian actors in films.
    Cameroon today has very good actors who should be encouraged. The series that are being broadcasted on local TVs have come timely to make the actors popular and soon they too will be bankable… it’s just a matter of time.

  3. Truth Teller

    August 2, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    That is a very dangerous thing to say. First of all, you have no right. When u don’t apply the right methods of marketing how do expect your film to sell? When u produce a film without knowing how to market it to a broad audience how do u expect to make a profit. Ghana and Nigeria did not start today. They had a group of faces the used over and over again and forced the audience to consume those faces and expect those faces. When you cast someone in your film after couchie exchange without talent how do u expect people to view Cameroon actors. When u say that, how do foreign industry continue to want to cast our actors. Ivan you are a black leg and you should take a seat. You want what is best for your pocket and not for the industry

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