Mr Leo, Snazzy battle over Lion Nation brand ownership


Who truly owns the Lion Nation brand?

The war brewing between Mr Leo and Snazzy may soon turn into a full time social media outburst if things aren’t resolved fast. Just to be clear, it has nothing to do with music.

Snazzy, a Limbe-based singer and producer has accused Mr. Leo, singer and songwriter of ripping off his brand name called Lion Nation.

Snazzy‘s shocking accusation is coming only a few hours after Mr Leo announced he will be releasing a couple of merchandise (starting with t-shirts) in love and respect for the fans of his label, Lion Production. According to Leo, his fans are also called Lion Nation.


However, the Alpha Better Records star’s announcement came short… hours after Snazzy also announced his record label called Lion Nation would go into merchandising. The producer had already released images of clothing designs for sale, including t-shirts, hoodies, face caps etc (see pic below) carrying  his brand name.


If you’re still confused, here’s what’s happening. On Leo’s T-shirts, its written Lion Nation (pic above) which is the same official name to Snazzy’s record label and brand written on his own clothings. A brand he publicly unveiled back in 2014. Meanwhile, Leo’s Lion Production label only came to public light in 2018.

DCODERS, Do you think there’s a brand rip-off case here?

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