Syndy Emade borrows Alexx Ekubo for new movie “A Man For The Weekend”

Syndy Emande and Alexx Ekubo

Syndy Emade is on her way to scoring her fourth movie and to achieve that perfect film, she went looking for Nollywood star, Alexx Ekubo.

The famous Cameroonian actress cum producer is a long time friend to the Nollywood hunk and so it wasn’t so difficult casting the super sexy talented actor as her leading man on her next big film title, “A Man For The Weekend”.

According to inside sources, the movie is about a young working woman who’s pressured to find a man just to please her mother. Unfortunately the man she found as the perfect one to present to her mom turned out to be a fraud.

“My entire cast and crew were just perfect,” Syndy tells us. “People went extra miles just to achieve the best for the film. I am very proud of this new movie.” she said.

A Man For The Weekend bts

LtoR: Rene Ettat, ArtNurin, Achile Brice on set for A Man For The Weekend movie 

The movie took close to a month of shooting and the busy city of Douala was the location.

“Shooting in Douala wasn’t easy. I mean, we were out of our comfort zone (South West Province) and had to do all Alexx’s scenes before he left in a little amount of time. However, everything went great and I can’t wait for people to watch this film,” Syndy went on about the production.

“A Man For The Weekend” is Syndy’s fourth movie produced under Blue Rain Entertainment. “A Rose on the Grave”, “Chasing Tails” and “Different Kinds of Men” are her previous works.

The movie was shot by Achile Brice, Rene Ettat and ArtNurin and stars Syndy Emade, Alexx Ekubo, Solange Ojong, Nchifor Valerie, Nkwah Kingsley and Miss Lee.


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