10 Cameroonian songs to listen to during sex

sex playlist

Have you ever thought of having your own sex playlist? Well, if you didn’t have one, then ‘its time you get to it because as it stands, sex and music are two of the biggest stress relievers.

“If music be the food of love, play on,” says William Shakespeare and the old dude wasn’t wrong. Music feeds the soul and during sex, it feeds the body and spirit as well.

With the fast rise of urban music in Cameroon, many of my friends have gradually began using our local music to spice up their sex lives or should I say bedroom special moments? At first it was hard for me and perhaps them to vibe to a Cameroonian jam while asking your boo to go faster, deeper or harder. The songs didn’t just match the mood.

Imagine you trying to take off a girls undies while a Sam Fan Thomas or Kotto Bass was playing in the background. Ouch! As good as the songs were, guys still used the American RnB hit songs during sex. Artists like Joe, Boyz II Men, Celine Dion, Tyrese, Mariah Carey, All 4 One, Tank, Brandy, Usher etc provided the biggest sex music the world had ever known.

Fast forward to 2018, Cameroonian artists have now been able to do music which are rich in words of love and affection, perfect for love making.  Thanks to the fact that Cameroonians love to listen to music,  our local music now has enough meaning and reason to put just about anyone into a sex mode.

Now, before I list out my top ten Kamer music to vibe to during sex or love making, let me give you some few reasons why I believe a sex playlist is vital in spicing things up in our sex lives.

There’s a certain period in a relationship when things get really boring, stale or even very predictable in the bedroom. Love making and/or f***ing starts feeling the same. Touches no longer raise flames of passion. Kisses no longer open up moist caves, and make body parts throb. What then helps? A perfect sex playlist! Viola!

Some maybe asking, what’s a sex playlist? It’s a list of songs you play while having sex with your partner. Simple!  Do you know that a great sex playlist enhances creativity in bed? Do you also know that it could set the mood for a great sex, helps determine the tempo and pace of the sex, enhances foreplay as well as acts as a timer for sex? I bet you didn’t know.

From a little survey I carried out, using some of my friends and colleagues, here is my top 10 Cameroonian [urban] songs to listen to while making love and or having sex.

10. Gomez  I want to Marry

9. Sawa Romance – Locko

8. E Go Better – Mr. Leo

7.  Ca Ira – Nabila

6. Stay With Me – Tzy Panchak

5. I Love You – Ko_C

4. La Femme De Ma Galere – Salatiel

3. Bad Things – Tenor

2. Je Serais La – Lock

1. Toi et Moi – Salatiel

1. Je Suis Désolé – Mr. Leo




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  1. Verkijika Divine Nyuyki

    May 8, 2018 at 5:39 pm

    Only Toi et Moi makes sex sense

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