20 Most followed Cameroonian rappers on Instagram

XXL Magazine reports that “INSTAGRAM remains one of the most popular social media apps on the internet. Since its launch in 2010, the mobile photo sharing app has over 300 million users worldwide and counting, and has become an app of choice for a lot of entertainers and athletes in the world. Offering a place to showcase their personalities, fashion styles, business ventures and more, Instagram has helped connect celebrities with their fans and… well, haters.”

For rappers in Cameroon and the world over, Instagram is now a very important tool in their careers. From flaunting their blings and rides to speaking their minds, the popular app has helped rebuild the careers of a few rappers, while others have suffered the wrath of IG users.

With Instagram being so popular, DCODED TV decided to round up the 20 most followed Cameroonian rappers at the moment on the popular social media app. Take a look:

Franko (101,000 followers)


Stanley Enow (100,000 followers)


Tenor (44,900 followers)


Jovi LeMonstre (40.300 followers)


Maahlox (24,200 followers)


Minks (19,400 followers)


Ebako (19,100 followers)


Pit Baccardi (6,905 followers)


Coolkid (3,865 followers)


Tilla (3,453 followers)


Askia (3428 followers)


Nabil4Real (2,683 followers)


Pascal (2,541 followers)


Mic Monsta (1,954 followers)


Crispy (1,477 followers)


Naminami Cyrus (1,412 followers)


Ko_C (1,264 followers)


Mihney Nelly (1,110 followers)


Boy Cheezy (1,040 followers)


Yung Time (466 followers)


MPro (178 followers)
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