5 Tips on how to take care of your dreadlocks

We often times hear these silly questions…Why do women keep dreadlocks? How do they even take care of that thing? Doesn’t it smell awful? How do their men cope with such a hairstyle? Bla, bla,blah! Hey! Listen up, I have the perfect answers to how you can rock your dreads like a fly chic!

Women also get tired of running from one weave to the other or in between dryers and all kinds of hair damaging routines. So they decide to make the big chop but after a certain period of time, women also get tired of the nappy hair and decide to do dreadlocks. Viola! It’s that simple! We try different things all the time.

However, most of us neglect our locs except for the occasional brushing and styling. Now, do you know more could be done to keep them pretty and stylish? Today, I bring you ways you can care for your dreads even better.

1. Find a good stylist

This is so important especially at the beginning stages of growing locs. You want a stylist that can give you great advice and recommend healthy products. If you’re cutting off the last of your perm and going natural so that you can start locking or if you are twisting your already natural hair, please have a real conversation about your hair objectives and your desired look with your potential stylist prior to them twisting your hair. Make sure you feel comfortable with her or him, and get a sense of how knowledgeable they really are about dreadlocks.

2. Massage your scalp

Not only is it very relaxing, but it also stimulates hair growth. You’d be surprised how the simple act of gently massaging your hair at night for about  5 minutes will really help you achieve the beautiful locs you so desire.

3. Don’t retwist your hair too much

We all like the fresh look of a retwist but if done too often, it could create breakage and thinning at the root. Look around for new chic hairstyles that you can tryout to stay in love with your hair in between retwists. It’s the perfect time to experiment with your look, you can also try wigs if your hair is still at the baby stage

4. Practice night care

Just like any other hairstyle, sleeping with a hair net or  night scarf (a silk wrap or bonnet  to avoid breakage) is so important. Locs tend to shed a lot and protecting your edges and your scalp, is crucial.  A silk night cap helps keep the moisture in your hair and scalp, as well as protect your hair from pillow friction. Make a practice of never going to sleep without protecting your hair.

5. Be patient

This is by far the hardest lesson I’ve learned when dealing with my hair. This isn’t a process that will happen overnight. Locking your hair is a journey and it’s a little different for each person. Some people’s hair locs faster than others. Thicker hair tends to lock faster. The good news is if you nurture and take good care of your hair then the growth will come. It really will. Don’t get discouraged.

If you have any questions you can leave them down below. Good luck on your journey.


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  1. Mampey

    December 20, 2017 at 6:14 am

    So helpful. I keep locs, and these tips are the most important. Thanks thanks!!

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