5 Weird sexual habits guys practice behind closed doors

guys sexual habits

Just like me, some most girls usually wonder what sexual habits do their men practice behind closed doors when they are not around.

Does he touch himself, does he go sexting another women or does he just chill in front of his TV playing video games or does he sit behind his office desk and do some real work? All these questions pop up when we, women, just like sneaking around looking for nonsense. lol.

In the last two weeks I have gone around asking my guy friends what they do when they’re at  home all by themselves. What sexual habits do they practice by themselves when their women aren’t around?

Some of them gave me answers I already knew but I also found out that guys have the strangest sexual habits behind closed doors. Check these out.

1. Watch Porn

This answer came up alot. Guys, who are trying to stay faithful to one woman usually watch porn films to help them stay focused and not cheat. “Watching porn is better than making a booty call,” one of my closest male friends revealed to me. The idea of watching another couple have sex is exciting and most times, guys picture themselves in the videos as well. However, it could also lead guys to calling his woman or another babe home because he becomes very horny and needs a real woman in his bed.

2. Masturbate

Most guys, if not all guys practice this behind closed doors. It’s not a bad thing to do. However, you don’t need to get addicted to it. After watching a porn movie or several of them for hours, guys usually get to this point where they wank to feel better. “Being horny, without a means of pouring out that sperm is dangerous to any man. So, we touch ourselves to release the tension. All guys do this,” a friend told me.

3. Sexting

Even with their women around, some guys do practice this sexual behaviour. Texting women about sex is like the norm these days. Some guys would argue that its not a form of cheating. After all, it remains on the phone (most ladies will bet to differ). Guys, love to ask for nudes from the sexting partners and others don’t have any problem sending dick-pics to other women on the phone. Guys could go for hours practicing this and they goo from talking about best sex positions to best sex locations. Its crazy and could ruin relationships but to them guys, its cool.

4. Dick Inspection

I really didn’t know about this one but guys do love checking out their dicks while alone at home. Girls, if you thought we have insecurities issues, guys do too. My guy friend explained to me that most men love walking naked in their homes and constantly check out their dick sizes, length and shapes on the mirror too. Sometimes, they talk to their penises as if they were humans. lol. I was like, what!?

5. Scouting for Sex Locations

Wait, guys do what!!??? Do some guys have real jobs or is this a joke? This was my exact reaction when my friend told me some guys would regularly scout spots perfect for his next sexualy move. He explained to me that most guys consider their homes sometimes boring for sex at some point and so they go looking out for other possible locations where sex can be done better than the previous. Thinking about it, my home gets boring too. So, yea! I totally understand them boys now. I should do the same.

I had other responses but I thought these top 5 were cooler. If you have other ideas or habits you believe guys practice behind closed doors, please don’t be shy to drop them in our comment section below.

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