6 signs you are wearing too much make up

Makeup is awesome but some of us tend to abuse cosmetics especially with the continuous beauty trends and rules. We tend to be heavy handed with the ways we use and apply makeup. We sometimes pound on pressed powder like there’s no tomorrow and go overboard with the coats of mascara to get thicker and longer lashes.

If you’re in denial or unsure of how much makeup you actually wear, here are 5 signs you’re probably wearing too much and girlfriend, you need to stop! Always remember that a little make up can go a long way.

1. You can barely move your face

With all the products on your face, it’s no surprise that you can’t do simple functions such as smile because the makeup on your face is too much causing it to be stiff

2. You have lipstick smeared across your face

It’s no surprise that we want to adopt different beauty trends like Kylie Jenner’s over drawn lips. Just as she, we also want to give our lips a dramatic change and make them plump but we sometimes cross the line when our lipstick goes over our cupids bow. This doesn’t become just a beauty trend it changes the lane to excess use of make up.

3. Your face and neck having two different colors

Girls, this is the height of too much makeup! If there was a scale, then you just broke it! Having a color difference between your neck and your face is a sign that you are wearing too much make up. Your perfect foundation shade should match your neck and your face and if it isn’t, then you are doing too much.

4. You have to spend more than 15 minutes removing your makeup.

Washing off make up at the end of the day shouldn’t feel like a routine or torture. It should be a simple wash of the face not a whole process of scrubbing for 15 minutes.

5. Your shirt collars and pillows are stained with makeup

This is the number 1 way to find out how much make up you are wearing. If your pillows still have dirty  stains even after you clean your face properly then it’s a sign you are wearing too much make up

6. Buying  makeup products every 2 months

Usually makeup has a long shelf life for up to a year which means you can use them for as long as possible but if you run through it quickly it means you always apply too much makeup. I mean, a tube of foundation can take me a year to finish and I wear makeup regularly. If you have to buy make up regularly that means you are probably wearing too much makeup.

Let me know if this helped you and don’t forget to comment on your makeup struggles

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