Actress, Lucie Memba opens first fashion store in Douala ‘La Fée Lucie’

lucie memba

In an increasingly crowded field of actresses-turned-entrepreneurs, Lucie Memba certainly knows she has to be ranked on top someday, having just opened her first fashion store called La Fée Lucie (in english, The Fairy Lucie), at Bonapriso in Douala.

Lucie Memba

Lucie Memba opens first fashion store in Douala

The famous actress and now businesswoman went for an Ankara inspired collection all in the bid to respect and encourage African women to wear their own.

“I want women to feel beautiful, especially Cameroonian women,” Lucie Memba tells us exclusively. “People have this mentality that something is worth buying when it comes from outside, but my shop, La Fée Lucie is here to change that because we have what it takes to make any black woman, any African woman, any Cameroonian woman feel her best in locally made designs.”

The screen beauty threw an in-store luncheon and launch party for the new fashion boutique and told us,

“Ever since I was a little girl, i wanted to try so many things and this is one of them. I noticed that ladies always asked me where I buy my clothes from, how I manage to look good all the time and so on. So La Fée Lucie is the answer. I want my friends as well as other ladies to see my style and love for fashion from what I sell.”

La Fée Lucie boutique is a petite exortic space fitting to every woman with a sense of style. It broods class yet affordability and it’s quite relaxable to everyone who steps in.

lucie memba

Actress, Lucie Memba in her first fashion store, La Fee Lucie, Douala

The store features simple yet rich locally made outfits  alongside amazing Western designs. That’s not all, Lucie made sure to accompany the clothes with mind blowing accessories including, jewelries, makeup items, perfumes and Ankara made purses, shoes and jackets. Is there anything you won’t find at La Fée Lucie?

For now, though, the award winning actress’ focus is on Douala and her new pop up store but she hopes for growth and expansion in the near years to come. However, she still has her acting and film production crafts going for her but what a great way to venture into another business.

“The Fairy Lucie has taught me that life is an eternal beginning and above all that the essence is not in stubbornness but in the ability to start over. Thank you to all those people who are ready and has helped me to relaunch this activity. ,” says Lucie.

La Fée Lucie‘ is located at Paul Monthe Street (near Maza Plaza) at Bonapriso, Douala. Do go visit soon!

Check out our gallery below to see some of the  exquisite pieces from La Fée Lucie fashion store:


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