Actress Nora Ndem shades skin bleaching “Your black is Sufficient”

Cameroonian actress and model, Nora Ndem is entering the month of June with so much praises for the dark skin women. In shading skin bleaching, she says, “Your black is Sufficient”.

Nora Ndem is a beautiful dark skin model who is using the love for her melanin to encourage other African women to not choose skin bleaching over celebrating their gorgeous ‘black’ skin tone.

The model is celebrating her unique skin tone this new month with a powerful message of self-love and confidence on her Facebook. She writes:

“My 5 shades of black. Let me tell y’all something about my body:
It is unapologetically made of 5 shades of melanin. It’s my heritage and I embrace it so much it glows.
This message goes out to my dark skin queens who think they suffer from uneven skin tone & insecurities and look for solutions to “fix” it and end up another complexion; I want to remind you that you are beautiful just the way you are, your imperfections are what make a beautifully unique & perfect you.

Bleaching your skin is a choice so is staying black, original and beautiful.

Your black is Sufficient!! “

Nora’s message for women to celebrate the black skin is coming a few days after Whitenup Cosmetics founder, Rose Fualila and media personality, Delly Singah Philips clashed on social media over a report Delly made on “Skin Bleaching: Myths and Facts” .

Rose claims Delly fabricated lies about her and her skin beauty products to suit her topic on skin bleaching after conducting an interview with her. She’s now lawyered up claiming Delly’s report is damaging to her brand.

While some celebrities like Stephanie Tum have praised Delly’s report as a perfect way to counter skin bleaching among women, Rose Fualila says the interview she granted Delly TV was changed to make her look like an idiot. She has now given Delly TV an ultimatum – you either take down the report (video) from social media or face the law!

skin bleaching

skin bleaching

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