Adah Akenji shames Cameroon Film Industry for covering up sexual assault allegations

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Popular music video director, Adah Akenji is putting the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI) on full blast, accusing the film association of harboring and covering up sexual assault cases.

Adah Akenji took to his Facebook account, October 31 slamming the CFI for encouraging a top male filmmaker who forces aspiring actresses to bed in exchange for movie roles.

Adah Akenji Alima song video

Adah Akenji 

The video director stresses on the fact that other members of the film association choose to shut their mouths and turn a blind eye to the rising sexual assault cases springing up from within the organisation, thanks to the mystery accused. See what he wrote:

“I have a message for the CFI (Cameroon Film Industry). For those who don’t know who I am, permit me introduce myself. I am called Adah Akenji and I am a music video director here in Cameroon.

The past days I have read comments about an individual in your ranks whom you all know to be using their influence to harass young aspiring actresses. For some reason YOU ALL who make these comments and allegations are unwilling to call out the name of the individual.


I have great respect for all of you, but so ashamed you cowardly would let ONE PERSON stain the image of a clean and professional cinema environment you are still try to build. If you cannot speak out now against injustices within your corp, will you ever be able to make a continuous stance on respect and merit?

Will you be able to stop the growth in numbers of predators who roam our entertainment enterprise? I say it again, SHAME ON YOU CFI.

Make a clear stance; investigate, take responsibility for the safety of every woman and man who wants to join the creative arts, and if possible prosecute those whom you would identify commit crimes hiding behind the stage curtains.

I and most of the music video directors aspire to join you and make our cinema culture grow exponentially. But if you do nothing about such misbehaviors, then ça ne vaudra pas la peine.

I am expecting back-lash. Bring it on. Just be sure I won’t stay quiet like most of you do.

Cheer CFI. You still have time to make things right.” Adah wrote.

Lynno Lovert

Akenji isn’t the only celebrity accusing a particular filmmaker of molesting aspiring actresses in the CFI. The video director now joins actor Lynno Lovert who also damned the association earlier this week (October 29) on Facebook for the same reason.

According to the ‘Little Cindy’ actor, there’s a certain actor guilty of the said crime and the CFI is protecting him instead of the victims. His post came at the time when a Buea-based pastor, called Divine and his wife have been accused of raping a female member of their church.

It’s unclear WHO is the mystery filmmaker behind these alleged sexual molestation crimes. But be rest assured, we will get to the bottom of it all.

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