Alpha Better Records drop surprise Christmas song “Higher Higher”


How in the world does Blaise B sing these very high notes after consuming so much of these oily African foods!? He absolutely nailed those vocals like a vocal king!

Ok, back to the news guys… Alpha Better Records surprised pretty much everyone when they released a new music video for this Holiday Season, a song we now can’t get enough of.

“Higher Higher” is definitely that Christmas and New Year track you can’t stop singing in front of your mirrors, in your bathrooms, in your cars or among your friends.

It feels great, it sounds great, it is great!

higher higher video

Alpha Better Records drops surprise Christmas song and video

The powerful music group dropped their new hit song/video on December 1; a song composed by Salatiel, Mr Leo, Askia and Blaise B and it’s produced by Salatiel, Akwandor  and Big Joe. The video is directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens.

All four artists delivered but Blaise B‘s verse on this song is completely outstanding. It’s been a while we heard the “Eposi” singer deliver such high notes on a song but can we all agree that it is a pleasant surprise …. just like the song it self.

Mr. Leo made sure their French-speaking fans weren’t left out of the fun fair! His verse speaks to our Francophone brothers/sisters but here is the twist, he totally had his people from the North West Region at heart because he just made the Banso language even more apt for the Christmas season by including the precious dialect into his verse.

blaise b higher higher video

Blaise B get back on a high with Higher Higher video and song

Askia also stepped it up dishing out her bars in a more subtle manner, good enough for every man, woman and child to enjoy and rap along. Should we add- we totally love her new hair do!?

Salatiel was the choir master, as we used to call it back in primary school. He just wanted everyone to be relaxed, confident and genuine anxious about the coming of Christ and how joyful that feeling is or should be.

Please get in and enjoy “Higher Higher” by Alpha Better Records stars. Watch the video and tell us what you think below.


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