Amah Fashion House takes over Nabil4Real’s “This Is Africa TIA” video shoot

Amah Fashion House nails This Is Africa TIA music video

Amah Fashion House (AFH) is proving to be Cameroon’s fore-leading fashion brand and when it took over Nabil “Nabstar” Fongod‘s “This Is Africa TIA” music video shoot, it only went to prove he’s here to stay.

CEO of the brand, Amah Bertrand brought his unique yet signature African designs on set to dress the hip hop star, Nabil and popular DJ Pazzo and those who were featuring in the video.

“Bringing Amah Fashion House on board was truly amazing because I believed in his work and felt it was perfect for what the TIA song stands for. We wanted to portray Africa in its beauty and Bertrand simply made that dream come true. We looked good,” Nabil tells DCODED TV.

The cast looked sophisticated in their neatly designed African outfits. Nabil nailed his looks with two different AFH designs, Pazzo too as well as the entire crew.

Take a better look at the photos below:


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