Ambe breaks cultural barriers in new song and video “Mo Kawum Ngakop”

It’s not everyday we see music acts from one cultural region of Cameroon singing and uplifting the traditions and culture of those of another region but hey, singer Ambe is on top of it all.

The Red Eye Entertainment star has dropped his anticipated new single, “Mo Kawum Ngakop,” meaning “I’m living well in the coast” in the Batibo language (from the North West Region) and we can’t stop to wonder what exactly is behind the concept.

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ambe Mo Kawum Ngakop

Ambe drops new song and video, Mo Kawum Ngakop

For starters, Ambe is from Bafut, a locality in the North West Region of Cameroon and his new song, “Mo Kawum Ngakop” is in the Batibo language, still from the North West Region but the song and video is all about the people from the South West Region – the people from the Coast!

“Mo Kawum Ngakop” maybe in the Batibo dialect but who says Bakwerians or the SAWA people can’t dance to it? In fact, the entire song is about living well in the Coast like the people from the coast (mind you, coast could be Asia, America, Middle East, Yaounde, Douala, Bafoussam etc).

After enjoying huge successes with hit songs like “Na For Bafut” and “Vitesse” – both celebrating the Bottle Dance and Mapouka dance which are strong traditional dances from the North West and DR Congo respectively, Ambe now shifts his attention to the people of the South West or SAWA region.

“Mo Kawum Ngakop” has the beats of the good old Bakweri cultural rhythm and showcases the vibrancy and delight of the famous double shoulder dance moves from Bakwerians.

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Cliq Urban Music Festival

Ambe performs at Cliq Urban Music Festival in Buea

Ambe pulls women, young women and men from the rural areas to showcase their culture on the urban streets of Buea without any shame or feeling of embarrassment. He wants the youths from the Bakweri clans to be proud of their tradition and broadcast it to whoever cares to listen to watch. “If the young people aren’t proud of their origin, who will?”

Ambe may appear ‘highly urbanized’ or ‘trop chic’ but he’s got his roots printed on his heart and he’s portraying his conservativity in his sound.  The ‘Bafut boy’ is willing to dance a sawa beat and shake his shoulders like a young man from Small Soppo or Buea Town but he also wants the same Sawa or Bakweri people to also dance to his Bottle Dance.

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Mo Kawum Ngakop” is a powerful tool for cultural blend… a blend we all need in this very unpleasant times in Cameroon where regional imbalance seem to  have creeped  into our daily lives, activities, thoughts and reasoning.

Well done Ambe!

Enjoy Ambe’s new video for his song, “Mo Kawum Ngakop” above and share your thoughts with us below.

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