“Music has saved my life” – Cameroonian singer, Ambe admits


Cameroonian singer, Ambe is opening up about his music career and says without music, “what would I have become?”

Ambe is best known for hit songs like, ‘Vitesse’ and ‘Rendez-vous’ but even before he hit the success button, he admits he was a ‘nobody’.

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The singer took to his Facebook wall, August 6 sharing with his fans what may or may not have happened to his life if he didn’t follow his music dream.

“Honestly, if not for music what would i have become, growing up in Rendezvous-Bamenda and in a Country with little or no opportunities for the youths? Maybe Arm Robber or 419 but I thank God for my talent. Music has saved my life. What about you? Where did you grow up? What are you now and what do you think you would have become?” he wrote.

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Ambe is still basking in the euphoria of his 2018 hit song, ‘Vitesse’ although releasing two other songs after it. While he still finds himself in one or two social media squabbles, Ambe is sure looking forward to a great 2018 full with new hits.


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