Ambe defends infamous naked 2016 album cover art, “Its never been nude to me, it’s proper arts”

Ambe nude picture

Ambe is defending his highly controversial 2016 album cover art saying he has never considered it as being naked but rather a well thought out work of art.


Ambe explains nude 2016 Album cover art

In an exclusive interview with DcodedTV, the “Vitesse” singer explained that he is an entertainer whose main priority is to entertain his fans and listeners of his music and that art cover was only to celebrate arts not nudity.

“For the picture which many people term as nude, it was not. It has never been a nude picture to me. In fact, that was an art work. We’re into arts and entertainment. This is not religion,” Ambe said.

The singer says he is only an artist trying to entertain different people from different backgrounds with different opinions and it’s obvious some will get it and others will think otherwise.

“I am artist, singer, entertainer and a performer. I have people to entertain and these people have different opinions and different ways of seeing things. You might see it as a nude, the next person will see it as a proper and a very good art cover,” the singer explained.



As we earlier reported, Ambe recently received heavy backlash on social media, April 2 for allegedly referring to bloggers as “parasites, fake and people who do not support independent artists”.

The “Na For Bafut” hitmaker followed suit with another controversial post which has not well been received by pressmen and women. Many are lavishing insults on the singer and calling his attention on what is considered a threat to their lives…. when Ambe claimed [in his first post] to use thunder to bring some of those “parasites” down.


Ambe attacks and threatens bloggers in IG post


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