Ambe wants a place in the Cameroon movie industry


Is Cameroonian singer, Ambe quitting music for the movie industry? Well, this is so true!

The singer has announced that he will be very glad to start taking roles in the Cameroon movie industry as soon as possible.

Ambe took to his Twitter on October 1, sharing his new found career goals with his fans. He said he is very interested in acting films and targeting screen roles on reality TV shows, especially now that he’s quitting the music business.



Ambe wants movie roles

On September 22, Ambe announced on social media that he will be retiring from his 12-14 year music career after releasing his final album titled ‘Take Off’.  The singer is yet to explain the real reason behind his decision to quit music but he did appreciate everyone who has stood by him throughout his career.



Ambe quits music

Some of his fans have expressed shock over the news of his departure from creating music. Some of them wrote:

@bongham_jr  wrote, “Not now! I still believe you have a lot more to offer. We nova reach #Nsani my mbombo #Ambe”.  
@shadyblake4 added, “My God!!! Tell us you’re joking, it’s not funny at all. Don’t try it.”
@Jerioth18 wrote, “As usual, talents and brains abandoning. No support,… I wish you the best bro.”
However, the good news is Ambe’s dreams could be coming true even faster than he would have imagined. One Cameroonian film producer, Mbeng Ngassa says he will be very happy to cast the singer in his film. The ‘Church Street’ movie producer jumped on Twitter, October 1, assuring the ‘Na For Bafut’ star that there’s room for him in the Cameroon film industry.

Ambe quits music for movies


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