Ambe revitalizes Mapouka dance in new song/video “Vitesse” [WATCH]

Ambe mutzig star

If you thought your Christmas season wasn’t going to have the perfect dance track, then think again! Ambe is switching things up with his new hit and video – Vitesse!

The Red Eye Entertainment star is re-energizing one of Africa’s most popular sound and dance, Mapouka – in this new jam and we are loving it!

Ambe‘s Vitesse definitely imbues Mapouka with new life and vitality, fresh and current for our today’s generation and giving a fast pace rhythm to all DJs and reinforcing every festive season’s playlist.

Ambe drops new video Vitesse

Ambe drops new video Vitesse

The “Reste Là” hit maker reportedly came up with Vitesse just by chilling in a music studio and getting “crazy” ideas. “He was at the studio when the producer dropped this beat. He immediately started nodding his head and suddenly came up with something even crazier than he imagined and it worked!” an inside source tells us.

Mapouka (also macouka) is a traditional dance from the Dabou area of southeast Côte d’Ivoire that originated with the Aizi, Alladian and Avikam people. It is also known as “la danse du fessier” or “the dance of the behind”. The dance is mostly performed by women, shaking their rear end side to side, facing away from their audience, often while bent over.

The worldwide popular twerking dance has been attributed to the Mapouka dance via popular media, while some argue the historically correct origin remains the bump, according to Wikipedia.

Vitesse is produced by Akwandor ‘Blaise B’ and the video shot by Mr. Adrenaline

Well, if you haven’t watched the video yet, thank us now.


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