Askia bullies Blanche Bailly on social media, tells her to shut up

Ok, it’s been a minute since we last heard from Askia [musically] but who says girl can’t talk… and talk to Blanche Bailly?

The alleged former Alpha Better Records rapper may be throwing some major shade at pop star, Blanche Bailly after the singer claimed she was the most bullied Cameroonian artist.

“I remain the most bullied 237 artist , so why shoudnt i be this strong? Lol

— BlancheBailly (@IsBlancheBailly) July 3, 2018

Looks like Askia wasn’t having it! The rapper fired back with shots of her own, telling Bailly to “shidon kwayet” (in English, sit quiet).


Askia shuts down Blanche Bailly on social media

Was Askia comparing the level of cyber bullying she receives on social media to that of Bailly’s? The ‘Ma Valeur’ rapper has no doubt experienced her own fair share of cyber bullying.

Over the years, she has been slammed for alleged drug use, drug addiction, skin bleaching, not being able to rap, for being an irresponsible artist and so forth.

So, maybe she was just trying to tell Bailly and her fans that when it comes to a Cameroonian artist being bullied, she, Askia knows that better than anyone else. However some fans were not on her side:

DCODERS, do you think Askia is the most bullied artist in Cameroon?


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