BDMA2018: 5 Reasons why you should attend Cameroon’s biggest media award show

bonteh digital media awards

The Bonteh Digital Media Awards (BDMA) is one of the most anticipated award shows in Cameroon. The Bonteh Network honours leading names in tech, media and the digital space but there’s more… Here are five reasons you should attend #BDMA2018.

Previous award recipients include industry leaders such as Tino Foy, Bine Moukouri, Joan Ngomba, Prince Enobi Mikel,  Emmanuel Mfon, Prince Nchanji Hanson, President Tchop Tchop, Njinkeg Asonganyi, Hi Tech, Dr. Sea, Nabil Fongod, Muzikol, Sophy Ngassa, Mista Adrenaline and more!

This year is gearing up to be very special and you can attend! Here are 5 reasons why you should attend this year’s Bonteh Digital Media Awards!

1. The event has a new home!

The previous and maiden event took place at the beautiful Eta Palace Hotel in Buea but this year, the organisers are upping the ante! Hotel La Falaise in Bonanjo-Douala will host the #BDMA2018! Located in the highly secured and calm side of the town, the space is easily accessible and can carry upto 1000 guests as opposed to the 300 last year.

bonteh digital media awards

#BDMA2018 will hold at Hotel La Falaise, Bonanjo – Douala

2. Nomination Fever

The #BDMA2017 was spectacular! With hundreds of names sent in for nominations and only 21 winners! This year, the organizers say about a thousand names were sent in for nomination, meaning the award show has garnered more attention and somewhat, more value from fans and sponsors. Everyone wants to get a nod! However, the nomination categories dropped from 21 to 20 this year and its all for the better. “There were some repetitions and we just had to fix it this year,” says CEO, Bonteh Engelbert.


Scramble for nominations is real

3. More Money

The financial projection for this year’s event is looking pretty impressive! According to the CEO, this year’s BDMA is expected generate up to 43 million CFA! How? You may ask. Click HERE to find out.

bonteh digital media awards

#BDMA2018 expected to generate 43 million Francs

4. Red Carpet Brouhaha!

The BDMA red carpet is a place to be! Everyone and anyone wants a spot on that carpet! This year, things might get even more frenzy! Our insider tells us the red carpet for this year’s event will be bigger, brighter and better! There’s also a dress code which has to be respected by ALL – Issa a Black Tie affair! Men in suits and ladies in gowns. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this extravaganza!!???? Did we forget to mention that there will be a #suitchallenge and  a #dresschallenge!?

bonteh digital media awards

BDMA 2017 expecting a good blend of fashion and tech

5. Networking Opportunities

The 2018 Bonteh Digital Media Awards has built an incredible community of sponsors, tech heads, and industry. Come mingle and be inspired by the top men and women in the media and tech industry! “It’s not an event to celebrate musicians or actors or fashion designers… This is an award to celebrate those behind the artists,” rapper Boy Cheez told us last year.


#BDMA2018 provides networking opportunities

6. Amazing gift bags

Orange Cameroun was the major sponsor of the maiden edition of the BDMA and they gifted winners with pretty good gift bags. This year, there are many more sponsoring companies and even individuals including ATALAKU, TECNO, BNP Entertainment and many more. Which means winners will be walking out with their hands full of gifts!

bonteh digital media awards

#BDMA2018 will give out so many gift bags


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