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In his latest collection, Cameroonian fashion designer, Ngi Ronard hires the services of dark skin model, Sama Tanya and his son to tell his own story of the perfect African classic man.

Ngi Ronard began his tailoring career in 2006, after leaving his hometown in Nkambe, Bamenda to Buea. He founded his company called Beringi Fashion shortly after. Beringi is a word coined from the names of his two children, Beri and Ngi.

“People only began to inspire me after I started following late Cameroonian fashion designer, Patou Manga. I used to admire him and his style a lot and wanted men to look and act just like him,” Ronard tells us exclusively.

Years after his mentor dies, the fashion designer is not only making it a priority to explore the men’s fashion world, with clear cut designs and a perfect blend of colour; but now advises that Cameroonian men and male celebrities should wear more suits.

“I am an African man and Sama Tanya gives me that African look. He embodies confidence and sexy which are what my brand stands for. My brand is all about bringing out the beauty of the classic African man. I admire the US singer, Jidena because he embodies my brand. When it comes to Cameroonian celebs, I would love to work with Ko-C and Numerica and if I’m to work with Stanley [Enow] or Jovi, I know what to give them that will fit perfectly,” the designer tells us.

“I’m not just a fashion designer. I’m a stylist too and my vision for Beringi Fashion is to someday own a fashion school in Cameroon where I can train young designers. These days, young people want to own fashion businesses but lack the patience and adequate skills to grow them,” he adds.

Beringi Fashion is all about being classy, sexy and confident . Ronard explains that going for good fabrics is top priority because to achieve the perfect suit you can’t afford to deal with the wrong fabric. “It won’t give me the right fitting, the Beringi touch will be absent,” he says.

Ronard’s designs seek perfection. He goes for quality rather than just quantity. He uses fabrics, threads and needles to tell his stories and provide comfort to his clients by giving them the best money can buy.

Beringi Fashion is located at Malingo Street Buea. Call +237 677825673. Check out his latest S.T Collection in our gallery below:

Sama Tanya is the perfect classic man
Ngi Ronard, founder Beringi Fashion
Sama Tanya
Sama Tanya
Beri and Ngi
Sama Tanya
Beringi Fashion leaves kids stylish
Sama Tanya
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