The Best Sex I Ever Had (My True Story)

joan on sex

A favorite fantasy of mine is the one where I meet a super sexy, well-built, handsome, tall white guy at a pool side bar in a hotel and then he suddenly finds me hot and wants me for the night. We have few drinks, a sweet brief conversation, flirt with one another before climbing on top of him and riding my night away.

If you’ve been watching too many romantic movies, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

One weekend, I decided to go visit one of those beautiful hotels in Douala I’d heard foreigners patronize a lot… just to see if I could live this fantasy out in real life.

Trust me to dress to impress. I took a strategic sit by the pool side bar that Saturday evening, ready to watch my fantasy come true. A little black cut-out dress and bold red lips were all I needed to add to my signature sexy smile to complete my flirty, ready-to-have-sex look. Even the bar man couldn’t stop stirring and asking me every minute if I was doing ok. I appreciated his handsome dark face but he wasn’t my target.

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I sat there, watching all sorts of men, women and kids come for a swim at the pool as they got ready to live the weekend like the rich-looking selves they were. Mind you, there were too many handsomeness that evening…just too many. I even got confused.

As I sat there observing each and every guy who showed up shirtless by the pool, I didn’t even realize this one guy who kept saying “hello, do care if I refill your glass?” behind me. Handsome men in front of me had taken my vision and mind away.

I shook to his mild touch on my shoulder, turned around to check if I knew who the person was. O boy! He had the best white teeth I’d ever seen. His smile was mesmerizing and his eyes… Oh my God! He was white… ok, mixed but the whiteness was dominant.

“Hello,” was all I said back. “Hi, I was asking if you do mind me refilling your glass,” he said in a British accent. “Nope,” was all I heard myself say. He was perfect! No wedding ring, buffed up arms, perfect curly hair, young and neat, smells like that latest Burberry perfume I scented on that rich guy at the bank earlier in the day. Oh lord, he was the target… my target! Note that the bar man was no longer smiling with me. Who cares?

We kicked things off with the perfect conversation. We talked about so many things from night life in Douala to my juicy column “Joan on Sex”. He was quite impressed and had touched my face once (when he wanted to take off an insect) and my exposed thigh (when he gazed at me telling me he loved the way I speak).

“Why don’t you try some alcohol?” he asked 30 mins into our chat. “I really don’t like it,” I replied. “Have you tried Baileys?” he asked again. “Yeah… well, not really,” I said. “Maybe you should tonight… don’t worry, I will make sure you don’t get too drunk,” he jokingly said. Sorry, why am I believing this cutie again?

I took a glass… then another… and then another. I was not myself for sure but I was trying to keep it together. I still had my eyes on the prize. I knew where I was, who I was with, what was my goal. So, I was just a bit tipsy, not drunk!

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An hour, 10 minutes had gone by when he stood up and asked if I desired to take this meeting to his hotel room. I had barely answered yes or no when he grabbed me by the hand, led me through the crowded pool and straight to the path leading to the elevators.

Immediately the elevator closed with just the two of us in it, I turned to David, who held my hand so firmly and proudly like he just found the one, and grabbed him for a kiss. He’d been polite not to pounce on me immediately, but I could feel him heat up as I grabbed his hand and kissed him even more. I couldn’t stop. Wrapped around my fantasy man with the blessing of isolation… I was so turned on.

I wanted Dave so bad…so did he! We began taking off our clothes at the door way and I was revealed to his hidden tattoos on his amazingly toned body. I said I wanted him to fuck me like an obsessed groupie – so did he.

He practically ripped my dress off, pushed me on the couch (in his suit), pinned my hands down and pounded me, filling me with his big hard cock (protected in a condom), then turned me around, asked me to spread my legs so far apart as he knelt between my thighs and slid into my wet pussy. I heard him moan at the softness of my V. I grabbed his soft dark hair as he went deeper breathing like a horse into my ears.

I asked him to “chock me” which he gladly did. I was a freak and he liked it. I liked it too. He lifted me to his bed, pushed my head to the bed so my hips arched in the air and leaned over me, his hands held on to my shoulders as he went in and out so fast and so deep. I was moaning so loudly under his encouragement as he whispered in my ear all the things he wanted to do to me.

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He was a dominant and I was just his groupie, the very first one he found to fuck after a hectic week at work – or so my fantasy was going. His fingers rubbed my swollen wet pussy as he yanked my hair back. I came, crying out to him like he was my life giver. A few sucks of his huge hard cock later and he finished, just like me.

We both fell on the bed like tired grave diggers, breathing like we were about to die. Then later, began laughing at what just happened. He didn’t just ask me to leave… in fact he wanted me to stay all night long. But I really had to go. This was just a fantasy come true and I needed it to stay that way.

I took a quick shower, dressed up and kissed him goodnight. He held my hands and asked me one thing…

“Would I see you again?”




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  1. Peter

    October 8, 2017 at 4:41 pm

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  11. Ndemba

    October 8, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    Perhaps this was just a fiction after all but well written. I was glued

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    October 8, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    Lovely story
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