Beta Girls Talk Event: A Beauty, Love and Sex chat forum for young women


The Beta Media is organising the Beta Girls Talk Event this February in Douala – Cameroon and the theme for this year is ‘Beauty, Love and Sex’.

Beta Girls Talk Event is a platform for girls to be empowered in all aspects of life. The organisation was formed in 2016 and since then it has created a community of nearly 7,500 girls online who receive education, inspiration and motivation daily from coaches.

Beta Girls Talk Event is now organising its 7th edition in Douala after exploiting other towns like Buea and Yaounde for previous editions. So far, the event has gathered a cumulative attendance of 356 girls who have been educated on issues concerning the female gender such as breast cancer, premarital sex, unwanted pregnancies, women and engineering, entrepreneurship and gender based violence against women.


Speakers for the Beta Girls Talk Event

This year, the Beta Girls Talk Event is bringing renown speakers like Vicky Fokala, Joan Ngomba and Henriette Nshan to tear down the theme for this year’s event: Beauty, Love and Sex. How can women achieve them and how can they use them to their advantage.

The objective of this event are to create a platform for:

  1. Girls to be taught practical beauty tips that would add value to their personality and self-esteem.
  2. Girls to learn about love and relationship secrets from experts and other women’s experiences.
  3. Girls to develop a bond of sisterhood and empower themselves with knowledge that would help them have valuable personalities and sustainable love lives.

The event kicks off at 10 am to close to 4:30 PM at KEMAL Hotel in Douala on February 23. The age expected is 18 – 40.


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