‘Black Panther’ star Constance Ejuma stars in new web series, ‘Con$equences’

consequences web series

You may have seen her in the blockbuster movie, Black Panther but now, Cameroonian born actress, Constance Ejuma is lending her acting skills on a new web series titled, “Con$equences”, and produced by a Nigerian-born, Tony Tambi.

Con$equences” is all about internet scammers who have reinvented their old business, this time only targeting immoral people.

consequences web series

Consequences cast

The web series is a modern day serialized drama that follows the lives of culturally diverse con artists; but unlike other similarly themed shows, this one is anchored by adult Yahoo Boys (think “Nigerian Prince” type email scams).

“Most people have either heard about or received solicitations from scammers like the Yahoo Boys, but it has never been fully explored on TV, movies or a web series,” Tony Tambi says in a press statement.

“The series offers a unique and original take on the con genre, hence giving us intriguing characters in environments quite different from what we are used to seeing. Our goal is to create diverse, smart and thought-provoking entertainment while hopefully shedding some light on ways you can protect yourself from the various shady characters out there,” he adds.

Constance Ejuma plays the character, Isabel Hanson. Isabel is the sister to the lead male character Tito (played by Tony Tambi) and wife to Jack Hanson (a loan officer and family man) and she’s not fully aware of their dreadful financial situation and becomes upset when she discovers how Jack, her husband, wants to fix the problem.


Season 1 deals with the conception of the team and the accompanying growing pains as they attempt one of the scams Tito and Sebastien (a yahoo boy) used to perpetrate from internet cafes in Cameroon. With Tito as the default leader, we get glimpses of their past and who they are as we see them make mistakes, learn, change and grow as they deal with the consequences of being con artists.



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Tony Tambi – Tito, Creator, Writer, Producer & Director.

Bambadjan Bamba – Sebastien, Producer & Director.

Constance Ejuma – Isabel Hanson, Producer.

Eboni Adams – Iminathi, Producer.

John Tague – Jack Hanson.

Francis Onelum –  Producer

Sebastien Ricci – DP


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