Blaise B opens up on Anglophone Crisis “I feel like crying”

anglophone crisis

Singer, Blaise B is finally saying a whole lot on the ongoing Anglophone Crisis which has led to the death of hundreds of English-speaking Cameroonians and military men and women in the South West and North West Regions.

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The Alpha Better Records star, who has been silent on the issue for more than a year is now saying he ‘feels like crying’ every time new reports come out, showing the devastating effects the almost two year old Crisis has left behind on the Anglophone Cameroonians.

In a newly released song, Stand For Peace, featuring himself, LesLine, Ewube and Malgic, Blaise B sings his pain, thoughts and worries on the crisis.


For the first time in a long time, the artist is publicly admitting that the aforementioned regions are languishing in abject suffering. He talked about the killing of innocent people in cold blood and also made mention of the fact that many kids are currently residing in bushes instead of being in classrooms.

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For the first time, we are hearing the the singer’s frustration and his his call for peace. Check out Blaise B‘s lyrics in the song, ‘Stand For Peace’ below.

“I feel like crying, Seeing the people suffering

Ooh, Can somebody tell me why

The earth is dying, Gunshots everywhere

Pollution in the air, Blood flowing in the streets

Pikin dem de for bush, Their mates dem de for school

What about me, What about you?

All we need to do is pray for the nation, Pray for people, Pray for PEACE.”



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