Blaise B announces marriage plans “getting married”


It’s not every day we get celebrity weddings in Cameroon but Blaise B may just be the one to save us from this starvation.

The Alpha Better Records singer has announced his marriage plans or let’s say, his desire to tie the knot and start a family pretty soon. So, single ladies, don’t feel too bad!

In the last 2-3 months, Blaise B has posted several pictures of his girlfriend on his Instagram page, proclaiming his undying love for her. A source tells us he even threw her a special birthday party last June in Douala in the presence of some of his celebrity friends. So it may come as no surprise that he wants to put a ring on it.

The ‘Le goût de ça’ singer took to his Twitter on July 7 to make the big announcement.


Is Blaise B getting married soon?

While Blaise B seems very happy sharing on his marriage plans, he also took some time to show others how to pray for help. On June 23, the singer tweeted that God should bless him so he can also be of blessing to his friends/community.

Well, rapper Jovi Le Monstre had a different approach to how prayer for blessings works. The rapper claims your friends cannot only benefit when God blesses you first.

Dear Dcoders, please stay with us for more on Blaise B and his marriage plans.

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