Blanche Bailly, Mel B. Akwen reconcile on New Year’s Day

New Year's Day

Sorry beef mongers, Blanche Bailly and frenemy, Mel B. Akwen have buried the hatchet after a heated and well publicized bathtub battle on social media last  month.

Both music stars were seen partying together at a New Year’s Eve event on December 31 through January 1st in Kumba.

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Blanche Bailly Sexiest artist

Blanche Bailly is Cameroon’s Sexiest artist

If you are lost, lets take a moment to fill you in. Last December, Blanche Bailly posted a Snap Chat accusing Mel B. Akwen of stealing her “Dingou” music video concept after the singer used a bathtub in one of the scenes in her “Frappe” music video.

Mel B Akwen stuns in new photos

Mel B fired back in a Facebook video post slamming Bailly of also copying the bathtub scene from the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and so many others. She also claimed her ‘Frappe’ video was shot way before Bailly’s “Dingou” video and so it was Bailly who stole her concept.

Fans jumped in picking sides and blasting both stars of copying concepts already used by top Hollywood singers. Hence, a beef wasn’t necessary.

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Blanche Bailly and Mel B. Akwen

Well, looks like all is well again between both singers after images of them together surface online on New Year’s Day. Mel B posted a picture of them both on her Instagram with the caption,

“If 2017 was hate, then let 2018 be love. Happy New Year to all my fans and their families. Love you all.”

Good to see two sisters bonding again after a bitter social media battle over nothing.

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