Blanche Bailly breaks up with boyfriend in new video ‘Ndolo’

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Blanche Bailly is back to being single after breaking up with mystery boyfriend in her brand new video, ‘Ndolo’.

The Cameroonian Afro/Pop singer has dropped her latest music piece, ‘Ndolo’, and it’s got desperate girlfriend written all over it!

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Blanche Bailly says the reason for her nasty split is because her ex bae doesn’t know what true love (ndolo) is. In fact, she sings that the man only recognizes ‘love’ only when sex is involved.

In the video, Blanche catches her cheating boyfriend with another woman and gangs up with two of her girlfriends to deal with him. Let’s just say the singer found herself behind bars for allegedly chopping off her man’s eggplant.

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Watch ‘Ndolo’ video below and tell us what you think (Video directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens).


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