Bonteh Digital Media Awards 2017: What we expect

bonteh digital media awards

On December 22, all roads will lead to Eta Palace Hotel, Buea for the first ever digital and tech awards in Cameroon – The Bonteh Digital Media Awards 2017 – and the expectations are high.

Given the fact that its the first of its kind in Cameroon, many people want to see magic! Some are anticipating a Disney-Avatar-Apple Network-Njorku-Google type of show. Something out of this world. Well, all these can happen but hey! We are are in Cameroon where sponsors don’t just show up at your door step with millions of US Dollars to pour into such an initiative or even believe in your dreams when you come knocking at their own doors.

bonteh digital media awards orange cameroon

Orange Cameroon backs BDAM 2017 (BontehsBlog)

However, Orange Cameroon S.A was kind enough to jump in and support this incredible vision: to recognize, encourage and celebrate those who work so hard to improve on Cameroon’s digital space and market.

The list of nomination had been published months ago and voting had also closed, since November 30. Now, founder, Bonteh Engelbert and his team of wizards are working tirelessly to give the country a grand ceremony; a show full of hope and aspiration for a better tomorrow.

bonteh digital media awards trophy

Bonteh Digital Media Awards trophy

The Bonteh Digital Awards (#BDMA2017) is expected to raise the bar for award shows in the English speaking side of Cameroon. By this, we mean a well organised event where time will be of essence. Performances from music acts won’t bore the audience neither will the nominees take forever to thank their entire village after winning an award.

“Its a small event at a small space and we just want a show where guests and nominees will have a great time and also think of the possibilities of working together, networking and building a powerful digital market which can compete at the international scene as well,” Bonteh explains to us.

“We want people to be safe and sure of what 2018 holds. It’s not only about owning a good smartphone or an Apple laptop or even harboring a great idea… it’s how to use these things for the greater good of our nation and smaller communities. It’s no longer news to all that Digital Media is the future of the world, which is rapidly spreading in Africa and Cameroon in particular. We have people who are dedicating their whole lives into inventing or creating digital concepts which is and can or will change the world,” adds Bonteh.

There’s no doubt that young people now depend on the web for information and trade. Others want to build platforms to feed the high demand for content and research. It’s a tough world – the digital world – but who says we can’t?

bonteh digital media awards

BDMA 2017 expecting a good blend of fashion and tech (dontpaniconline)

Just as the name of the award goes, the red carpet is also expected to go digital (If you get our drift). “Will there be an Avengers/Robocob/Steve Jobs backdrop?” one reader asked. We are not sure about this but what we expect on the red carpet and on the guests is a perfect blend of fashion and tech. At least, have a touch of something smart and “digital”. Lol.

We expect a great show, a show many will be forced to talk about and an event which can last a lifetime. As for the hosts; Steve Bernard Fonkam and Miss Stacey, we’re sure to enjoy every second of our time at the #BDMA2017.

Are you anticipating!?

BDMA is rewarding those who have stood out in Digital Media and TECH. Here are the 20 categories;
  1. Best Blogger
  2. Best Entertainment Blogger
  3. Best Fashion Blogger
  4. Best Public Relations Agency
  5. Best Video Director
  6. Best Photographer
  7. Best TV Show/Host
  8. Best Online Magazine
  9. Best App Developer
  10. Best Digital Media Company
  11. Best Marketing and Distribution Agency
  12. Best Mobile Application
  13. Best Promoter
  14. Best Bilingual Website
  15. Best Use of Social Media
  16. Best Radio Presenter
  17. Best Artist Manager
  18. Best Graphic Designer
  19. Innovation of the Year
  20. Media Personality of the Year.


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