[New Video] Rapper Boy Tag declares himself Cameroon’s ‘Rap God’

Believe in the hype! Believe in the talent! Believe in the man! Boy Tag has just declared himself as the god of rap in Cameroon after demolishing Eminem’s ‘Rap God’.

The Steven’s Music MC has dropped his latest release which is a cover to Eminem‘s iconic hip hop song, ‘Rap God’ and the youngstar completely kills it!

Boy Tag has constantly made it into anyone’s Top Rapper’s List in the country but this new release may have just catapulted him to the number one spot on any Top 5 MCs list at the moment. So, where does that leave Ko-C? Yikes!

In his song, ‘Talla Remix’, the rapper once asked “who gave a mic to an Albino?”  Well, the fans did and they are glad he is owning the mic.


Boy Tag Rap Cover art

‘Rap God’ is a big track to cover for any rapper and while some today’s breed of vocal-challenged mumble rappers wouldn’t want to dare, Tag uses the power of self confidence and the will to conquer forbidden territories to axe it.

In his version/cover, Tag gives it his all. From the speed of his flow to the choice of lyrics, comes with precision and a very unique style. He brings down the lameness of new-fangled hip-hop and tears down words like a moving pirate ship bursting through heavy waves while running from authorities at sea.

Tag drops bars like he’s got no competition and has no trouble tapping into the English, French and Bamileke languages for some lyrical aid.

Just like Eminem said back in 2013, “Why be a king when you can be a God?” It’s fair to say, the dude is feeling comfortable enough in his  new rap god status.

DCODERS, Watch Boy Tag’s ‘Rap God’ video above and tell us what you think in our comment section below.

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