Boy Tag: Why we love the Cameroonian rapper

cameroon rapper

If you don’t love this awesome lyricist and rapper yet, don’t worry. You will after you find out what we have dug about Cameroonian rapper, Boy Tag.

We can’t get enough of Boy Tag’s track ‘Talla‘ since it dropped in February but that’s only one of the many reasons why you should love the Bamileke rapper who’s best known by the color of his skin! Check out the best reasons to love Boy Tag below.

1. His Music

There’s no reason not to love Boy Tag‘s music. He drops bars, flows with style and has rhythm. He understands his brand and knows what to give his ever growing fan base. His music is unique, always carrying powerful messages of self belief, self love and hope as well celebrating his culture and defending the hip hop culture.

Boy Tag drops Cent Pour Cent single

2. His Originality

Boy Tag is a proud albino and he’s not ashamed to say it! He even sings about his skin color in his songs and encourages other albinos to be proud of themselves and how they look. He however says he is a very talented albino even though he still doesn’t know “who gave a mic to one albino”. Lol.

3. His love for Culture

If there’s one hip hop artist in Cameroon who embraces his culture more than anyone else, its Boy Tag. He’s originally from the Western Region of Cameroon, Bamileke to be exact! By his looks, you will tell. By his lyrics, you will know. He speaks his dialect in his songs and makes it even more beautiful for us, non-Bamilekes, to love his tribe even more.

cameroon rapper

Why we love Boy Tag

4. His Name

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, Boy Tag got his stage name from him being an albino. Wondering how? TAG means That Albino Guy! However, his real name is Tongwa Njopmu Felganie Belta – how cool is that? We don’t know many other male rappers called Belta.

5. His Performances

Ever watched Boy Tag perform live on any stage? If you haven’t then abeg go check sense. The rapper’s got energy for days! He owns the stage, commands the crowd and jumps around with his music, same way you would see Eminem do. Yea, we said so! He makes his fans to sing along and makes his presence so lively, you might beg him to do a repeat.


Besides, music and working, Boy Tag loves his family, Stevens Music family and close friends more than anything. We love him for loving us and blessing us with great music every time.


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