Boy Tag drops another hit banger titled ‘Talla’ featuring Bend Sikin legend Talla André-Marie

“Talla” by Boy Tag is no doubt a hit jam that is set to rock every playlist! Yup! You heard it here first! The powerfully moving song which features Cameroonian music icon, Talla André-Marie, would make you jump up from your seat to the dance floor.

Boy Tag is on form, he’s pretty much untouchable. The man may just have dropped the hottest song in Cameroon at the moment – “Talla” – which is now the most demanded track on the urban hitlist.

boy tag

Boy Tag

“Talla” has a particular flavor that feels like Tag was not only announcing his return to the music scene but reminding his colleagues he’s ready to compete for the top spot!

His lyrics – filled with pidgin, English, French and the Bamileke languages – comprises of real life situations including his true life stories and hilarius lines which will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Tag refers to himself as ‘Moses’ who is coming to divide the sea and says other rappers are even scared listening to him rap.

boy tag talla

Boy Tag and Talla Andre Marie

But that’s not all, the legendary Bend Sikin musician, Talla André-Marie revised his iconic “Bend Skin” hit song in the hook giving the entire track a typical Cameroon feel yet urbanized.

“Talla” is expected to receive massive airplay across the country as well as cause stirs in clubs and parties alike with its rhythmic dance steps.

The song is produced by T-Man Nation and video directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens. Watch video above and tell us what you think about the song and video.


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