Cameroonian actress Ruth Nkweti slams social media user “You’re stupid”

Cameroonian actress, Ruth Nkweti was not having it with a social media user who thought he could insult Africans and go scott free!

The now Nigerian-based actress wasted not time in slamming the Instagram user for being stupid and ignorant about Africa and Africans. She even called him “stupid”.

So here’s what happened. Popular US news site The Shaderoom posted a video of former stripper Blac Chyna getting into a fight with a mystery Nigerian who was throwing insults at her in Lagos.

@whitenicious @whiteniciousnigeria X @blacchyna

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According to a source Chyna, who is in Lagos to launch her new skin bleaching product, in partnership with Whitenicious by Dencia, showed up 30 minutes late to her event and was allegedly high. When promoters and fans got pissed off and began ranting at the mother-of-two, she got down from her car and wanted to get into a fight. But was repeatedly stopped by her security.

blac chyna

Ruth Nkweti

Well, @theshaderoom posted the full altercation on Instagram captioning, “Meanwhile in Nigeria, looks like someone pissed #BlacChyna off.”

A fan @cabernet.papii replied, “How come I see ‘BIG’ cars in Africa. I thought Africans don’t have cars but travel on camels and horses.”

Cameroonian actress, like other proud Africans, fired back with three words, “You are Stupid”.

“The sheer foolishness of it all,” wrote another reader. “Your father will travel on camels and horse,” wrote one reader. “You are very stupid, some people here are more richer than your stupid people,” another angry user responded to the fool.

“You’re worse than ignorant. Everything you think you have, We Africans gave you. All of it. Your blings and all. We gave you and what do you think we do with the money you buy our gold with? We buy expensive stuff not with your type of credit. WE pay cash. Every item we buy we pay cash for it unlike you who buys what you eat with credit. FOH… Better educate yourself instead of speaking ignorantly.

And so on and so forth…

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