Cameroonian Celebrities Who Love Revealing Too Much in Instagram Photos


They may not be the most followed Cameroonian female celebrities on Instagram but these ladies sure keep the gram interesting with their sexy pictures and activities. Maybe you should follow them now.

When your career requires you to be in front of the camera, walk the red carpet, or advertise lingeries and pose for magazine spreads, the pressure is on to stay sexy and fit. And while some sexy celebrities choose to leave their poses on the red carpet, others use their social media platforms to flaunt their bodies to the masses.

Up ahead, we share six Cameroonian celebrities who love to flaunt their bodies on the Gram.

1. Nina Mbunwe

This Cameroonian nude model is always dragged for exposing too much of her body but that doesn’t stop her from flaunting her goods on social media. Just to be clear, Nina Mbunwe regularly posts sexy pictures like this to her Instagram account and with a body, self love and confident like that, who would blame her?


2. Stephanie Tum

One look at Stephanie Tum’s Instagram account and you’ll see a couple of sexy photos of the actress. Especially during the holidays when the celebrity spends time off screen and has some time for herself and her kids. Having babies haven’t stopped this beauty from looking her best and she wastes no time posing for photos like this.

3. Mihney

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There’s no denying that Mihney has a killer body! From revealing stage outfits to super sexy Instagram posts Mihney knows how to rock what she’s got. We admire the rapper’s confidence and the body positivity she portrays. We bet she knows we love her too.

4. Joan Ngomba

Another celebrity who isn’t afraid to show it all on Instagram? Joan Ngomba. The blogger and TV host regularly uses the social media platform to show off her gorgeous body in and out of clothes but she also uses the platform to share her two cents of love, sex, dating and relationship from her popular column, Joan on Sex.


5. Adamma Bazil

Model, Adamma Bazil is no stranger to the camera, or the Instagram mirror selfie. While on vacation or on duty, this Niki Heat model uses her environment to capture her stunning body and share on Instagram.


6. Ingrad Bassama


Another Cameroonian model who isn’t afraid to flaunt it on Instagram? Ingrid Bassama. The model regularly shares closeups of her figure, including this sexy black and white picture. According to the French-speaking model, her body is her office and modeling is what she does. Meaning she has to use her office to make a living and so everything is a J-O-B!


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