Cameroonian designer Patience Mofa introduces new collection – December Attitude

Fashionista Africa December Attitude Collection

Patience Mfonfu Andynn Mofa, Creative Director of Cameroonian fashion brand, Fashionista Africa is introducing a special new collection for this Christmas Season – December Attitude –  a collection she created out of personal experience.

Patience Mofa grew up admiring colors and culture. After relocating to Cameroon from the USA  in the 2000s, she realized the potential of something much more impactful through her art in form of fashion designing. She created a fashion brand to celebrate African culture.

Fashionista Africa was established back in 2013; having a signature show structure and femininity while going bolder with statement pieces that push the edge. It is a luxurious Afritude lifestyle brand for the confident consumers and lovers of African trends that exude ethnic beauty in all spheres.

Today, Mofa‘s fashion baby has given birth to another baby – The December Attitude Collection!

“The latest collection is created based on personal experience,” explains Mofa. “It comes with a combination of beautiful African colors that expresses the sweet and beautiful African lifestyle through an array of designs filled with Ankara, crepe, silk, Bamileke and Bamenda prints, on a typical African Background. The collection also features clean lines and modern silhouettes, combined with a youthful vibe and the latest trends.”

The very colorful and intricately embroidered Toghu is one Fashionista Africa’s most demanded product from clients and “our favorite since it reflects North West Royalty,” says Mofa.

Fashionista  Africa has as its objective to cater to the needs of the modern, style-conscious man and woman. Its simple Fashionista Africa Designs is a reference for exquisite, quality, luxurious and elegant clothes as each piece exudes effortless elegance and sophistication.

Take a look at some of the pieces from Fashionista Africa’s latest “December Attitude Collection”. (Photography by ink Creators)


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