Cameroonian fashion brand Margos Mode to launch new collection

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Cameroonian fashion brand, Margo’s Mode has announced it will be launching its new collection this December!

Margo’s Mode was founded two years ago (2016) and has so far launched two collections. In June 2017, the brand launched the H-Collection which featured more street style designs including her famous African print H-jackets.

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Margo’s Mode “The Heritage Collection”

Then, in December 2017, Margo’s Mode unleashed her famous Heritage Collection which was  a clear portrayal of growth and depth. This collection featured the use of vintage fabrics and designs to remind us all of the power of originality and a powerful sense of home.

Margo’s Mode was built on the foundation of reinforcing difference, uniqueness and being extraordinary. Over the years, its designs have stood out to recognize the glory of African print, while merging its concepts with Western looks.

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Ngwane Liz, Creative Director of Margo’s Mode

Ngwane Liz, Margo’s Mode founder, tells us that her new collection will be launched on December 14 in Douala and besides her being excited for the world to see her latest designs, this collection is more personal than the previous ones.

“My new collection tells a very personal story, a tale of my life,” Liz shares with us exclusively.

“At a certain point in my life, I felt I was pinned to a particular spot. I couldn’t move and I wasn’t able to get myself out. But I fought harder and pushed myself so hard to get out of my stagnation and move past my past. That’s what this new collection is about,” she tells us.

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Margo’s Mode ready for new collection

The new collection is expected to signify blossomness, high spiritedness and a brighter future. It will also be a collection to help hurt hearts and lost loves.

Margo’s Mode will unveil its new collection at the Returnees event in Douala on December 14.

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    December 6, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    Thanks guys ,we can not wait to.see it ourselves

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