Cameroonian female celebrities rock in Suits: 5 Looks to prove it

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Some Cameroonian female celebrities are giving us 2019 fashion goals and the suit is a major player!

If you ever thought seeing ladies in suit was a bit boring or too bossy, get over it already! Its back, better and even sexier! We are counting down 5 amazing suit-ty looks rocked by some top Cameroonian female stars including actresses, Stephanie Tum and Lucie Memba; singer, Daphne and models, Valerie Ayena and Nora Ndem. Enjoy!

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1. Stephanie Tum (Actress and Philanthropist)

Hands down, one of our favourite looks of 2018! This beautiful Cameroonian actress turned heads when she stepped on the red carpet at the 2018 Bonteh Digital Media Awards in Douala looking like snack! Stephanie Tum rocked a gorgeous mini black suitish gown full of buttons. To make the look even more dramatic, it featured just a sleeve. She matched her outfit with black pumps and kept her hair off her shoulders while her red lips did all the talking. She screamed sexy and we loved it!

2. Lucie Memba (Actress and Entrepreneur)

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Visiting France is one thing but donning a powerful monochrome look and having the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop is taking your fashion statement to a whole new level. Lucie Memba left our mouths ajah when pictures of her in a black and white suit disturbed the internet back in April 2018. The actress and mother of three shut down the net while rocking the three colours that define her – black, white, red! Including black free pants, a black and white polka dot top, a white long trench coat and dotted gloves. The red lipstick was the perfect icing on this cake!

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3. Nora Ndem (Actress and Model)

She is the true definition of beauty and brains and such a combination can only suit well in pants and blazers. Nora Ndem needs no introduction and neither does her fashion sense! In December 2018, the ‘Merry Men’ actress teamed up with celebrity makeup artist, Corine La Star for a super hot-in-pink look for Christmas and we were simply blown away. The hot pink blazer and sexy lace bodysuit, plus the sublime makeup reflected Nora’s personality and showed her fans how a powerful woman can also look hot with a pop of color!

4. Daphne (Musician)

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Oh Papi! 2018 was a transformative year for singer Daphne as far as her fashion was concerned. The ‘Promet Moi’ hit maker moved from being that conservative girl to a full blown sex idol. She embraced her curves more and made the gym her bestie. She made a lot of posts about her gorgeous body but the one we are most concerned about today is the all-white look she had back in July 2017. Yes its a year late. Yes, it’s no pant and blazer but this  loose shirt and pant outfit sure makes Daphne sexy and bossy at the same time.

5. Valerie Ayena (Model)

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This Miss Cameroon 2013 beauty looks great in virtually everything and in this white suit, she sure slayed! The simple fact that she paired her suit with a brown silky turtle neck top, brown pumps and visibly Yves Saint  Laurent purse and dark shades, we are speechless. She rocks in suit. Period!

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