Cameroonian singer, Magasco reveals his death wish


It’s not very often we find a young famous man revealing what he wants the world to remember him of when he dies. Singer, Magasco has revealed his death wish and we are all in aw.

The former Empire Company star says he doesn’t just want to live in this world without having created an impact, one way or the other, on the people he loves the most.

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Magasco rocks a golden jacket on black blants at the Golden Show

For his death wish, the now BBoy Records boss claims, should he die today, he wants to be remembered as a legend… and here’s how and why.

Magasco is that Cameroonian artist who has never been shy to proclaim his love for his hometown – Bamenda. The singer has stayed true to his roots, always praising and making references to his place via his lyrics, interviews or social media posts.

The singer is still standing by his people during the trying Anglophone Crisis, which has reportedly taken away thousands of lives and properties in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. With many kids out of school and so many youths internally displaced, Magasco has pleaded to both the Government and opposition leaders to seek dialogue as a way to end the crisis as soon as possible.

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Magasco and his mother on stage at Golden Show, Yaounde

He even abducted the #CreateAsolution online campaign to demand for immediate dialogue to end the crisis. He has condemned police brutality and advocated for children to return to school and health centres built and rebuilt in Bamenda to care for the sick in his hometown.

Magasco uses his music to pull Cameroonians and others to know, love and visit his city. He’s not afraid to use his dialect in his lyrics to send out a message of love and admiration for his roots.

So DCODERS, isn’t it fair for him to make Bamenda know that she created a music legend when he passes on or do you think the word legend is a far stretch?


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