Cameroonian singer Zinnia launches headpiece collection ‘Good Vibes’


Fifty shades of Zinnia?

Cameroonian singer, Zinnia is taking her career to a whole new level with the launching of her own headpiece collection called ‘Good Vibes’.

The singer – who doubles as a TV presenter – debuted her fashionable headpiece collection last July. Her designs include massive pop of color and a perfect use of the African print to give beauty to the African woman across the globe.

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Zinnia is partnering with stylish brand,  Zcut Africa for the production of this one of-a-kind headpiece design which she prefers to call, “crown”.

Zcut Africa are crafters of exquisite bespoke style range, polished with class. They’re focused on creating beautiful headpieces, crowns and even handbags and  their products are “crafted with a twist.”

“Good Vibes is our head secret series featuring bespoke headbands and crowns all hand crafted to suit you. They go from vintage to very contemporary pieces and are quite very beautiful to our world of fashion,” Zcut Africa explains via Instagram.


Despite venturing into fashion, her music isn’t taking a back seat.  Zinnia recently released her new song, ‘Overload’ which she describes as, not a comeback, but the song for all those who have stood by her through the thick and thin.

“In life’s journey, you get to a point where you wish you hadn’t started. A point where you wish for a start over… and the list continues…
Everyone on a journey to somewhere on whichever career path, gets to that point at some point. How you come out of it and back on your feet is a mystery no one will ever understand except you. 
I got to point of no return. Heard stories of my reality from lips I don’t kiss, but only I knew ME… 
A lot of people out there are caged in their insecurities, their indecision, frustration, challenges, and don’t know how to come out. Speak up! Speak out!
I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came through for me, encouraged me, lifted me, and helped me in my reinvention. To the ones that mocked and laughed me… Lol if only you knew!
Thank you all for carrying my #OVERLOAD,” she wrote on her Instagram.
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