Cameroon’s sexiest shirtless men

When its getting to the weekend, you know we’ll be looking at men or women embodied with sexiness. We spend so many hours looking at and talking about the famous sexiest women of the world, but it’s time the boys had their due time in the spotlight. From male models Eric Akoa, Pierre Abena to fitness trainer Etins Wattara, there’s no hot guy who wouldn’t want to take their shirts off at some moment.

We’ve seen all kinds of men but let’s get down to what really matters — guys without their shirts on. Its a known fact that men look great in a well-tailored suit or a tight white t-shirt, but c’mon, they absolutely look so much better without any clothes on at all. We have rounded up some of our favorite real guys showing some skin… and they look like this.

1. Eric Akoa

Eric Akoa

Eric Akoa

He’s hot and he knows it and can flaunt it! “Going shirtless is part of my job as a model, u know? It gives me a sense of power and inspiration about the way I look and how I carry myself in public. I feel confident and there’s nothing wrong in looking sexy, right?” he tells us.

2. Etins Wattara

etins wattara

Etins Wattara

If abs were made for walking, this dude would…. Well, feel free to fill in the blank space. In January he teamed up with celebrity photographer, Njinkeng Asonganyi for a revealing photo shoot. When we caught up with him, the fitness trainer had no problem trowing shade at models who do not work out. “Cameroonian male models need to work harder. All I see in Cameroon are male models with clothes on, maybe because they ain’t got nice bodies. I dunno. So, I decided to take it to the sexy limit and shoot it shirtless.” We can’t agree less!

3. Frank Sire

Frank Sire goes shirtless

When you are a movie star, you need to have the right body to get the girls talking and that’s exactly what this screen hunk has done! The actor and screenplay writer loves to look good and that includes sharing a sexy shirtless bathroom selfie with his followers on social media. “I work hard to look the way I do. It’s my business to be good-looking and to be honest, its also healthy,” he told us back in January.

4. Pierre Abena

pierre abena hshirtless

Pierre Abena goes shirtless

This vanilla-creamed-looking man is all about those abs! He is signed to one of the most successful modelling agencies in the world, Wilhelmina Models, acts movies like “The Perfect Match” alongside sexy singer Cassie and Terrence J and shoots commercials for big brands… I mean, going shirtless is not even in doubt! Look at him… there are six ‘abs’ reasons to love him.

5. Samuel Eto’o Fils

samuel etoo shirtless

Samuel Eto’o shirtless

What’s there not to love about this man? He’s the most awarded African football player and when he’s on the pitch, he’s vacationing with his family or feeding the hungry. Yet, he still keeps his abs in tact! We are not sure what Eto’o thinks about his sexiness but we know we are proud of his looks!

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  1. Wesley Wose

    April 30, 2017 at 12:40 am

    Etins Wattara..Nice Nice..even a was a “BAD BELLE” A WUD APPRECIATE UR BODY WORK..#CHAKS#uu fryy bzness

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