CAMIFF 2017 slapped with fresh controversy of girl fight over Ramsey Nouah Jr.

Ramsey Nouah donates to CAMIFF 2017

There’s been no Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) without some tiny controversy or gossip around the corner and this year’s been no different.

CAMIFF 2017 started on a high note and ended in magic and success but just few days after its departure, fresh gossip emulating from its existence is targeting one of its international ambassadors, Nollywood superstar Ramsey Nouah Jr.… just as it were in the previous edition.

Ramsey Nouah Jr. did justice to this look! Native hasn’t look this great!

Ramsey Nouah is a strong supporter of the Cameroon film festival and a big advocate of promoting Cameroon film within and out of Cameroon. To him, CAMIFF is that platform every film maker in the country needs to showcase talent, hardwork and hope for a better cinema culture in the country. But why are people so interested in his extracurricular activities during or after the festival?

Rumor has it that the actor was involved in some sort of an “affair” with a Cameroonian actress, whose name we shall withhold, during his brief stay in the country (six days to be exact!).

Lucie Memba, Nsang Dilong and Stephanie Tum and Ramsey Nouah Jr.

According to some gossip bloggers, Nouah has been accused of “using and dumping” the actress which led to a fight on the last day of the festival. Flex Mag claims the actress expressed sadness when it was time for the actor to return to Nigeria.

The mag even posted a Whatsapp conversation which clearly showed the unnamed actress feeling bad losing the actor but the actor cared less about her feelings. See image below:

Ramsey Nouah CAMIFF 2017 alleged scandal

ramsey nouah camiff scandal

Ramsey Nouah CAMIFF 2017 alleged scandal (Facebook)

Despite these posts and alleged stories, there’s been no evident of a fight between an actress and the actor or two actresses over the actor or anyone else for that matter. So, at this point we are calling this TRASH!

Ramsey had a great time in Cameroon and we look forward to having him again next year.


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