CAMIFF 2018: Best and Worst Looks at Cultural Night

camiff 2018

For those who know and want to know, the month of April encompasses the most wonderful fashion time in Cameroon entertainment thanks to a one full week Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) and other top notch fashion events.

The fashion is always a spectacle at CAMIFF and this year’s Cultural Night was no different. The appearance and use of African prints, traditional designs, cultural inheritage blending with individual styles and madness usually take our full attention.

The real story of CAMIFF is now about the red carpet moments, the International A-listers, the race to outwear, outglam and even outshock one another is something we look forward to and here are our superlatives from this year’s#camiff cultural night.

Mind you, celebrities, movie lovers and fans were called upon to celebrate their originality, tribes, traditions and customs of their places of origin (villages, tribes etc) and some may not have gotten the memo. Which begs for the question: Is celebrating culture on the red carpet about the fabric or the style?



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