Canal 2’Or Awards 2019: See Full List of Nominations

canal 2'or awards

Canal D’Or Awards has released its 2019 list of nomination.

The famous entertainment award show which cerebrates arts and culture in Cameroon every after two years; enters its 12th edition this year. Despite receiving a poor review last year, the organisers have promised to make this year’s show night even bigger and better.

The show adds a new category on this year’s 18 category list of nomination – ‘Best Web Series’. To vote for your favourite entertainers, please visit their Facebook Page, Canal 2’Or Act 12. 

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canal 2'or awards

canal 2’or awards nomination list

See Full List of Nomination below:

Category 1. Gospel Music Artist or Band 
– Ella Sara 
– Joel Prince K ‘   
– Hannah Mya   
– David K 
– Perfect Song 
– John Duchant – Indira 
– Baraka for Jesus

Category 2 .Artist or Music Group World 
– Grandpa Anza   
– Gaelle Wonje  
– Charlotte Dipanda   
– Sanzy Viany   
– Estelle Mveng   
– Stephane Akam   
– Senge 

Category 3: Folklore Artist or Band 
– Dj Gerard Ben  
– Rachida Jolie   
– KM twin 
– Charly Djoms   
– Ben Zignia   
– Dina Michou   
– Lady Ponce

Category 4. Best Videogram
– Salatiel Weekend by Dr.Nkeng Stephens – Magasco “Sokoto” by Dr.Nkeng Stephens – “My Lover” by Daphne Dr. Nkeng Stephens  
– “My Way” by Stanley Enow by Dr. Nkeng Stephens  
– Blanche Bailly’s “Bonbon” by Adah Akenji – “We Do not Know each Other 
” by Dr. Nkeng Stephens   – “Bad Things” by Adah Akenji   
– Locko’s “Booboo” by Dr. Nkeng Stephens

Category 5. Artist or Group Male Urban Music 
– Tenor  
– Locko   
– Mr Leo   
– Magasco   
– Stanley Enow 
– Salatiel   
– Jovi  
– Mink’s   
– Numerica   
– Blacky Carat   
– X-Maleya  
– Krotal

Category 6. Female artist or group of urban music 
– Daphne  
– Reniss  
– Nabila  
– Ewube  
– Blanche Bailly 
– MEL B Akwen  
– Mimie   
– Gasha   
– Teety Tezano 

Category 7. Best TV Series 
– Vincent Batanken’s Lion Kola  
– Blaise Ntedju’s Manipulations   
– The Adventures of Antoinette Ngo Ndengue’s Monika 
– Godwin Nganah’s Bad Angels 

Category 8. Best Humorist 
– Moustik the Karismatik   
– Markus   
– Charlotte Ntamack   
– Ulrich Takam  
– Cabrel Nanjip   
– Senior Pastor 

Category 9. Best comedian 
– Ebenezer Kepombia as notable Mintoumba in “The White Queen”   
– Vincent Batanken as Inspector Saboulou in “The Kola of Leo”   
– Otia Vitalis as Mindako in “Bad Angels” – Jean claude Suitchou in the role of the Chef in “The White Queen”  
– Thierry Ntamack as Dr. Eyidi in the movie “The Bronze Serpent”

Category 10. Best Actress 2019
– Antoinette Ngo Ndengue as Monika in the series “The Adventures of Monika” 
– Orgelle Kentsop as Mami Ton in the series “The White Queen” 
– Flavienne Tchatat as Ngassa in the series “The White Queen” 
– Syndy Emade as Verostina in “Bad Angels” 
– Esther Biiga as Suzy in “The White Queen” 
– Marie Stephanie Adjonj as Melanie in “Fatal Manipulations” 
– Aza Awa Melvine as Leyonga in the movie “Rebel Pil”

11. Musical Revelation
– Mimie 
– Blanche Baily 
– Ko-c 
– Shura 
– Taty Eyong 
– Sandrine Nnanga 
– Lydol the 
Slameuse – Tzy Panchak

12. Popular Song 
“Calée” Daphne 
“Sister” Charlotte Dipanda 
“I’ll be there” Locko 
“Do the dab” Tenor 
“We did not let you” Ghislain Dimaï 
“Everywhere” Mr.Leo 
“It’ll kill you” Mink’s 
” Balanced »KO-C ft Tenor 
” Power 1 “from Power Collective 
” Here I am “John Duchant

13. Best African Artist or group
– Fally Ipupa 
– Tekno 
– Toofan 
– Josey 
– Sidiki Diabate 
– Dj Kerozen 
– Ferre Gola 
– Serge Beynaud

14. Best Artist Central Africa
Roga Roga of Congo Brazza 
Sylvie Nzamba of Gabon 
Ozaguin of CAR 
Anfibio of Equatorial Guinea 
Melody of Chad

15. Revelation Central Africa
– Cegra Karl Congo 
– Shan’l of Gabon 
– Cool Fawa of CAR 
– Angels Square of Equatorial Guinea 
– Genevieve of Chad

16. Best Web Series
The J-Okers 
The Baos 
The Hard Phone 
Bysness Comedy Club

17. Best Female Artist
Lady Pumice 
Silver Coco 
Mani Bella 
Charlotte Dipanda 
K Tino 
Adela Bikim 
Kotto Ruth 
Chantal Ayissi 
Nono Flavy

18. Best Male Artist
Dynasty Tiger 
Sergeo Polo 
Mr. Leo 
Stanley Enow 
Little Country 
Ben Decca 
Richard Amougou 

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