Cliq Urban Music Festival 2017: Tenor, Ambe, Pinto Fresh go shirtless on stage

Cliq Urban Music Festival

Sorry Big Shaq! But the men were hot! So hot they had to take off their jackets!

The Cliq Urban Music Festival 2017 took place in Buea from November 29 – December 3 and saw some of the country’s best performances by top urban music acts. It was one hell of a show and we are counting down on some of those performances which led to fans enjoying some striking shirtless views.

Despite the famous cold weather condition in Buea, Tenor, Ambe and Pinto Fresh had no need for clothes while bringing the stage down with some of the best performances last year.

1. Pinto Fresh

Cliq Urban Music Festival

Pinto Fresh performs at Cliq Urban Music Festival in Buea

South African based rapper Pinto Fresh was on fire! The young star had the crowd screaming his name by the end of his energetic act. He did not only introduce himself and his music to the Buea crowd but was so pleased with the reception he received that he began throwing money to the thrilling fans. Oh! He even went into the crowd shirtless and almost voiceless as he garnered the last love he could get from the ladies who couldn’t stop yelling into his ears.

2. Ambe

 Cliq Urban Music Festival

Ambe performs at Cliq Urban Music Festival in Buea

Mr. Vitess a.k.a Ambe came on stage with a sexy black shirt which also featured some sparkling crystals but by the end of his performance, he was almost naked. The Red Eye Entertainment star was performing his “One Corner” inspired track for the first time to the Buea crowd and what better way to do so than to be in the Vitess mood himself. We hope he found his shirt later… because he quickly took it off when he couldn’t bare the heat no more. The dancing was that fast and hot!

3. Tenor

Cliq Urban Music Festival

Tenor performs shirtless at Cliq Urban Music Festival in Buea

French rapper Tenor more than nailed his performance (Best performance at the festival). In fact, he more than did everything on that stage. From his dramatic entrance to his open invitation to fans to join him on the stage and his insanely good dance moves and yes, diving on the heads of screaming fans, Tenor sure had the best night! So, why wear a shirt when every girl, boy, old and young wanted to touch a piece of his body? Need we tell y’all some of his rings were gone by the time he returned on stage? Yea, that sure did happened!

Shirtless men definitely took center stage and got the crowd going at the Cliq Urban Music Festival and no one is complaining about it!

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