Corine Lastar unveils 10 essencial tips for every Bridal Makeup Artist


Choosing your wedding makeup is a big deal. Your makeup needs to survive tears as well as wow your fiancée, stand the test of time and make you look like the prettiest bride ever! Cameroonian celebrity makeup artist, Corine Lastar is dishing some vital makeup tips for every bridal makeup artist.

It’s only normal that every bride wants to wear a good makeup on their wedding day. So, if you’re wondering how to look great, following the fresh-faced trend, without looking a little bare, then this “WEDDING INSPIRATIONS GALLERY” is totally for you.
“I normally recommend NUDE MAKEUP on every bride because it has the benefit of being super low maintenance… Well, unless the bride likes to do oshaprapra or pepper them gang…” Corine explains.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some examples and try them sometime!

Bridal Makeup Tips

1. If you wear little makeup in your regular life, your wedding day is not the day you want to try a heavy smokey eye… please, do not do it. You should look like you. The same rule holds true if you are a makeup freak like Kim Kardashian.
2. Many brides get their hair done professionally on their wedding day but fail to get a professional makeup artist. If you’re booking a pro for your hair, do same for your makeup.
3. Always make sure to consult with your make-up artist and do a “MAKEUP TRIAL” before your big day. You don’t want your wedding day to be a big surprise. Don’t take chances.
4. It doesn’t matter how big your eyes are or how glossy your lips look, if your skin is broken out, or oily, you won’t look your best on your wedding day. Your first priority should be making sure your skin looks great, then move on to your eyes, cheeks and lips.
If you are prone to breakouts do the following;
  • Visit a dermatologist if you want to have amazing skin
  • Book a facial a few days before your wedding. If you have a ton of cash to spare,
  • Visit a dermatologist and ask about laser skin conditioning, Botox or filler… lf you get money abeg do am….lol
5. The basic rule for makeup is to either play up your eyes or your mouth. Play up both and you end up looking like a “MAD PERSON”. If you decide to make your eyes loud then, keep your lips light with a gloss or a light pink lipstick .
6. Drink 3 litres of water a day for at least 2 weeks before your wedding and you will notice a vast improvement. Your SKIN will glow from within and you will also see a big difference to the appearance of fine lines and pores.
7. Start preparing your skin 3 months in advance. This should be an ideal time when you can religiously start looking after your skin. Go on a healthy and natural diet. Don’t eat too much oily food, this will help you decrease the development of acne.
8. No beauty treatment is complete without proper 8 hours of sleep every night. Make sure you sleep properly.

For Makeup Artists (MUAs)

9. Make sure the bride’s foundation should be as close to her skin tone as possible, or the tone of her neck. She will be photographed nonstop that day so, it’s good for her face and neck to match.
10. Just to re-emphasize on the need for a wedding MAKEUP TRIAL; Bridal make up trials are the perfect opportunity for you to meet with the makeup artist one on one and share your ideas, thoughts, and concerns.
11. A good and professional MUA will know how to make sure a bride doesn’t only look flawless but also ensure she feels comfortable in the makeup. This also means brides should be honest with the MUA. Ask them how they normally wear their makeup so that on their special day, they don’t look so transformed.
12. After the trial, make sure to check the makeup in different lighting and this is also a great opportunity to take photos to see how the makeup looks on the bride-to-be.
See exclusive pictures in our Gallery below:
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