Happy Birthday Corine Lastar: Celebrity makeup artist answers 5 personal questions


Get to meet her and you’ll be obsessed with her!

Cameroonian makeup artist, Corine Lastar is celebrating her birthday this year and we are totally obsessed with her flashy new photos.

Corine Lastar has been in the makeup game for quite some time but she is sure the industry’s go-to creative force. Many people who get close talk about her kind-hearted, fun-filled and hard working personality and we just want to add that she’s simply a genius at what she does.

The recognized makeup goddess is based in Lagos, Nigeria but her heart belongs at home [Cameroon]. She loves what she does and do not hesitate to educate those around her about beauty and makeup as well as honor the beauty of being a Cameroonian.

On her birthday this year, Corine is coming through as a beautiful lady steaming in red and carrying the largest smile (See new pictures right down below). She says, this year is all about glowing in glory and acknowledging her abilities as a strong back woman who simply just want to build a powerful and affordable makeup/beauty brand.

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Corine Lastar

We got down with Corine for a few questions and here’s how it went down.

1. What do you love the most as a makeup artist?

Doing faces! I love to turn on the light on a woman’s face. Makeup doesn’t necessarily have to transform you, it should uplift you. You should be able to feel better after a face beat. You should be able to smile better, laugh better, love yourself better and feel even more confident and sexy about yourself. If I achieve that with anyone, I have done the most.

2. What is the biggest misconception about makeup?

Many people use makeup to hide their true self.  That’s where they get it wrong. I say so because when the makeup comes off, what happens then? Some ladies think foundation, powder, eye liner, blushes, bronzier etc are all used to shade the real you…. No! You can’t use makeup to deal with your deep personal problems. Makeup makes you feel better. It doesn’t take away your problems. For me, I help make women feel like they can solve their problems giving that they feel better with themselves. When you feel beautiful, confident and loved, you can be able to think better and solve the rest.

3. Does makeup help to build or break relationships?

Erm… I think both (she laughs). My male friends keep complaining about women using makeup to shade their reality and that’s true. I can’t deny that some ladies apply makeup to transform their looks completely and most guys do fall for it. Our men spend half their day on Instagram liking (un)real faces and figures. But when the makeup falls off, they’d be like, WTF! So at this point, I would think makeup could bring a guy close but it may send the guy away so fast as well…and if it was a total transformation.

4. How do you make money as a makeup artist?

(Hahahaha) That’s a real question. I work with at a beauty parlor in Lagos which has a huge clientele. So that keeps me busy all day long and I get paid for working there. However, I do have my own clients who believe in my work and repeatedly ask for my services. These women make my work worthy of cash/wages weekly. I also get contracts to be the makeup artist on movie sets and/or at celebrity photoshoots. I also work in collaboration with some top photographers in Nigeria who are always booked and busy, hence me too. I organize workshops annually where I train young aspiring makeup artists and that’s how I build my brand and meet other / bigger clients. It’s a lot but I thank God for His grace.

5. What’s the best makeup advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t transform anyone into someone they’re not! Keep your work real and BEAUTIFUL… not just PRETTY!


Happy birthday Corine and many more beauty years ahead of you!!!!!

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