Daphne showers husband with love on social media

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Daphne is all about that public love and she’s not shy to tell her husband how much she loves him on social media.

The Cameroonian singer was seen on Twitter dishing out some loving words to her recently married boo and even raising up a prayer for their new union.

Thank you for these two years of unconditional love, support and patience. May God give me the grace to be a good wife to you and to give you the honor you deserve.

Daphne tweeted, November 24, 2020.

The singer, famously known for keeping her private life private is, well, not so private when it comes to sharing information about her love life now. She even joking told Blanche Bailly to get ready to perform at her wedding after the pop singer said she will do it for free.

Even though it is all fun and fair, Daphne also took some time to address some of the backlash she received as a result of her looks at her traditional wedding. Some fans thought she was been “disrespectful” to her husband and tradition for carrying an uncovered short dyed hairstyle on her big day.

Daphne spots on a short tinted hairstyle for her traditional wedding

“Crazy girl alert! See color for hair, earing them for ear plus chain for foot. Never pretend to be who you’re not. Genuine people will accept you as you are.”

the singer wrote on Facebook

Daphne says her real traditional wedding ceremony is yet to hold and she will be open to share it with her fans.

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