Daphne’s style change, going corporate in 2018


Daphne is about to make a major change to her closet and we are not so sure if her fans and other fashionistas are going to like this.

The singer has announced that she would be ditching some of her daring and sexy edgy style for a  more corporate look this new year.

In a shocking revelation on January 6, Daphne mentioned beneath a picture of her wearing a lovely religious-looking white suit on Instagram that her closet will be embracing more corporate looks in 2018.

daphne style change

Daphne going corporate this year

It would be great to note that Daphne has not always looked corporate. In fact, the singer’s style has roamed around latex, body-hugging pieces and very edgy designs which revealed her dangerous curves and more.

daphne style change


Will this decision of her rocking a more banker-lady look or an Agatha Moses look be more appealing or appalling to her fans this year… especially when rival singers like Blanche Bailly and rising act, Briana Lesley are breaking the fashion norms to entertain their fans?

DCODERS,  what do you think? Tell us below. Meanwhile what style do you love on Daphne more: A or B?



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