Dede’s Signature: Cosmetic brand launches Cameroon’s First Fruit Collection


Dede’s Signature is a Cameroonian beauty and cosmetic brand founded by a US-based Cameroonian makeup artist, nurse and entrepreneur, Dede Folefo.

Dede Folefo began as a self-taught makeup artist in Buea, Cameroon back in 2015 before traveling to the US in 2016 with the help of her husband. In 2017, she got licensed as a BSN, RN but never ditched her dream to become a bonafide makeup artist.

In 2018, the young entrepreneur launched her first ever 3D Mink Luxury Eyelash Collection and to celebrate her one year anniversary in business, she has just launched her first Fruit Collection.


Dede Signature fruit collection and matte lipglosses


‘Fruit Collection’ comprises of a 12 color eyeshadow palette, 5 matte lipsticks (24 hour and water proof), 2 lip glosses and more 3D Mink Luxury Eyelashes.

“The eye shadow palette is just a clear representation of my life. The EKG sign on the front represents my nursing side and it’s beautiful colorful life with my handsome husband, kids, my family and friends. The colorful eye shadows keeps me and reminds me of how much I love makeup. Matte lippies and glossy lippies are the other part of our collection,” Dede explains.



Dede Signature 3D eye lashes


Dede says her ‘3D Mink Luxury Eyelashes’ and first ‘Fruit Collection’ won’t be the only projects she will be offering to the world. Speaking of her future business plans, Dede says,

“I am looking to grow and expand all over the world and working hard to make sure it is accessible to all my beauties based in Africa especially Cameroon.”


Dede Signature fruit collection

Contact Dede’s Signature:

Instagram – @dedesignature

Facebook: Dede Signature

YouTube: dedesignature


  See more of the Dede Signature fruit collection and matte lipglosses in our gallery below:

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